Meet our 2019 Holistic Health & Spirituality Fair vendors! Make sure to check out their websites for more information on their products and services.

The list is alphabetical and will continue to grow as we accept applications until all the slots are filled. Click on the button above to download a vendor application to apply today.

3 Degrees Sauna Studio, Tiffany Hansen

Infrared sauna studio.

Alexander Kriech Intuitive Services

Alex is a clairvoyant and Reiki healer. He offers numerology readings and will be doing mini-clairvoyant readings at his booth.

Aroma Freedom with Marilyn Opdahl

Sharing Aroma Freedom Techniques. Helping others to get from where they are to where they want to be by releasing negative thoughts, memories, and emotions.

Awakenings Omaha

Awakenings is Omaha’s newest New Age store, offering a positive energy space and an array of products and tools designed to enhance, empower, and enrich your spiritual journey. Check out our huge variety of products!

Bemer Group USA, Jennifer Vaith

An in-home medical device which enhances microcirculation. FREE sessions!

Beyond Boundaries, Trink Burke

Beyond Boundaries was created out of a love for crystals and vibrational tools that support us in our everyday life and endeavors. There will be a large assortment of unique crystals and minerals for sale.

Blue Dragon Accupuncture, Dr. Carol Ragle

Dr. Carol Ragle, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, wrote a evidenced based book on Chinese Medicine from a Western viewpoint. Come by and see what Chinese Medicine can do for you!

Bodywork Co-op, Jessica Hazen

Bodyworks by Veronika, Veronika Ludewig

Reiki master/teacher, speaker, classes, energy healing, massage, crystal and Tibetan singing bowl meditation, qigong and Sioux Falls Holistic Health & Spirituality Fair co-founder!

Botanica Flowers & More

Flower shop - succulent gardens, vintage, crystals, metaphysical tools and gifts/decor.

BodyTalk Sioux Falls

A body that can talk to itself can heal itself.

Carla’s Wellness - Voxx Life

Carla’s wellness offers the biggest break through inwellness in 50 years! We have wearable neurotechnology in socks, insoles and patches that instantly provide improved balance, stability, strength and range of motion by activating neurosensors and putting your brain into homeostasis. Stop by for the mind blowing demo!

Divine Healing Heart Ministry

Holistic healing; psychic surgery and energy healing; Reiki masters

doTerra Essential Oils, Melissa Tripp

All natural wellness featuring the worlds highest quality essential oils and accessories. We will also be doing symptom specific EO therapies live, onsight for FREE. First come, first serve!.Experience the power of doTERRA!

ECKANKAR, Linda LeBoutillier

ECKANKAR, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, offers seekers simple ways to discover God’s love in their lives and to help them build their own connection with God, no matter what their current spiritual path may be. We offer information about dreams, past lives, and a simple prayer: HU.

Guidance for Your Journey to Transformation

Guidance for your journey to transformation.

Healing For The Soul, Robin Stoltman

Hypnotherapy, EFT, PTSD, pain managment, handwriting analysis, etc.

Healing Hands and More, Michelle Moen

Featuring Ryana tops, chakra items, stones, jewelry, oracle decks and books, and sacred grids.

Healing Hope Hypnosis, LLC, Vanessa Taylor

Hypnosis is a natural process,it allows your mind to rapidly integrate new skills, strategies and strengths. When a person is in a state of hypnosis, they are actually utilizing their own capacity for self healing and transformation.

Heart & Sole Foot Zone Therapy, Amber Hanson

We are happy to bring foot zoning for both those wanting information on what it is as well as those interested in becoming a certified foot zone practitioner. We also offering magnesium products and Kynal nutritional supplements.

Heidi Namken, Reiki Healer & Energy Counselor

Heidi Namken is a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive, Medium and Artist providing Reiki sessions, Intuitive Coaching, Divine Messages and Medium readings. She averages 45 sessions a month with 1/3 of her clientele being men. She provides insight and tools, along with helping people let go of physical stress they no longer want to carry.

Hempworx, Jodi Nagel

Hemp based products and educational information on their many benefits.

Highest Health Chiropractic

Neurological based chiropractic office that gets to the root cause by accessing the muscles and nerves.

Iowa Bath Solutions, Devon Wahlert

Bathroom safety and upgrading.

jlcab Transformational Coaching, Janelle Campbell

Transformational coaching with an extraordinary process that helps you find those ‘blindspots’ that keep you struggling with guilt, self-doubt, regrets and, from living the life you truly want. You will have A-HA! moments that move you forward with bonfire confidence and, be able to clear out those bits and parts that no longer belong in your existence.

Joyful Living Therapy, Dan and Jill Johnson

Enjoy a 10 minute chair massage or MYK (Myokinisthetic) Treatment with Dan for $10, and browse their liquid acrylic and resin art. Beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces perfect for your yoga or meditation space, your home, or as a gift! Dan is a licensed massage therapist and MYK (Myokinisthetic) Practitioner, and Jill offers liquid art painting classes and is the co-founder of the Holistic Health & Spirituality Fair. They are both Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders and Trainers.

Juice Plus, Lisa Peterson

Our booth will have information and samples of Juice Plus whole-food nutrition products: fruit, veggie and berry capsules and soft chewies, Complete protein shake mix and Complete bars.

Kayla Michaele

Psychic and spiritual guidance.


Kelli Miller, Psychic Medium

Kelli Miller is a down-to earth, hilarious, and professional psychic and medium, speaker, teacher, author and life coach. She has helped thousands of people discover and pursue the life purpose they only ever dreamed of!


Kristi Olander

Accunecct and Accuncct Self Care, guantum healing hypnosis - QHHT energy healing.

Kosha Yoga School

Yoga studio, teacher training, health/nutrition coaching, Arbonne, and jewelry.

Kristi Pederson, Psychic Medium

Kristi Pederson is a psychic medium and reiki master in Omaha, NE who has been intuitive since childhood. She has also been able to see and talk to those who have passed over but dismissed it thinking everyone could see and talk to the deceased. It wasn’t until her early 30’s when she realized she was having psychic and mediumistic experiences that no one else had been having.   

$30 for a 15 minute reading.

Lorie Eichert Empowerment Studio

Lorie offers past life readings, energy healing and card readings.

Melissa Asteya, Intuitive Coach and Healer

Intuitive readings, life coaching, hypnotherapy, Karuna Reiki and Soul Realignment.

New Approach South Dakota

Petition booth and cannabis educational materials.

New Leaf Body Spa

Spa and wellness products, chair massage and spa/wellness offerings.

Optavia, Dale Zevenbergen

Comprehensive health coaching program that creates lifelong transformation one healthy habit at a time.

Organo, Bob and Karla Jacobson

Pamela Annette Intuitive Empath

Intuitive readings and services.

Pomegranate Market

Organic, natural, holistic supplements. and bodycare.

Proven Products Plus, Brian Neilson

Elevate Smart Coffee, nutraceuticals, superfoods and skin care.

Rita's Rainbow Jewelry

Rita uses quality metal, crystals, and stone to design empowering jewelry to help spiritually conscious people find holistically balanced health so they can embrace their inner and outer beauty.

Sacred Designs by Spirit, Shimen Averhoff

Aura photo’s, custom jewelry, and crystals and herbs.

Sojourners Stones, Valerie Hanson Albers

They sell crystals and stones in Sioux Falls, SD, in different price ranges for all ages and walks of life.

Soulful Country Living with Kristina

Kristina is a wellness partner with Amare Global, a holistic metal wellness products and programs company.

Soulful Living with Anji

Intuitive Mind-Body-Spirit Coaching. Anji is a Messenger - and has a Divine message just for you! Intuitive healer, clairaudient and coach, Anji draws from her 20 year career in health, wellness and yoga to help her clients embody true mind-body-soul wellness. As a professional vocalist, performer and speaker, Anji commands an audience with her voice and presence, and serves as a channel for Divine wisdom, helping others connect to their authentic voice, and discover a life of Soulful Living.

Spirit Nook, Nicole Brandt

Offering over 80 unique healing crystals, sontes, metaphysical products, sage and crystal Reiki soap. All products filled with good vibes!.

Sweetgrass Soapery, Miranda Koltze

Handmade bath and body products with a focus on health and sustainability.

Those Blasted Things, Becky Walgrave

ith goodies from our Vendors!

Metaphysical stones, chakra, jewelry, pendulums, healing, etc.


Tuning Element, Renetta Swanson

All natural pain wearable wellness technology.


Twistedsage Studios, Brian Besco

New pyramid chamber. Heart-based, higher-dimensional energy tools.

Upper Cervical of Sioux Falls

\Specialty chiropractic that works with the nervous system through the upper neck to bring about natural whole body healing. The specific and gentle adjustments allow your body to express optimal health.

VitaLife Sioux Falls

A customized whole-life and weight loss program that guarantees 20 pounds lost in 40 days, without prepackaged foods or shakes, no drugs or hormones - just real food and personalized support with advanced technology and education.

Wavy Vine Essential Oils and Spa Products

Essential oils and spa products.

Whisper In My Ear, Cindy Downing

Cindy is a respected and sensitive animal communicator.


Young Living, Kathy Finnegan

All natural essential oils, 100% therapeutic grade.

Zenergy Skin and Soul Studio, Angela Laughton

Angela is a Licensed Skincare Specialist, Certified Crystal Healer, Vibrational Sound Therapist, and Holy Fire Crystal Reiki Master. She will be offering her Reiki infused “Crystal Dream” eye and neck pillows handmade with organic ingredients and crystals and Vitamin C Overnight Masque infused with Malachite, Hematite and blue green algae from Kalmath Lake. Come talk with her about your skin concerns as she has developed crystal healing into her facial services. She also offers energy clearing treatments with Tibetan Singing Bowls with Reiki and crystals. Stop by and pick up a brochure on all her look good, feel good treatments..