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Melissa Asteya, Intuitive Healer & Embody Love Coach

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Hello Beautiful! I'm Melissa Asteya. Lifelong Intuitive, Embody Love Coach, & Healing Hypnotist dedicated to compassionately supporting, guiding, & empowering your Self-Healing Journey! If you are ready to Heal and Align with your Divine Gifts, I would truly be honored to guide and support your journey!

I am a Proud Sponsor of the 2018 Sioux Falls Holistic Health & Spirituality Fair! Stop by my booth anytime to schedule a 1:1 Intuitive Healing & Coaching session, or to purchase one of my Guided Hypno-Meditation CDs. For more information and booking, please visit www.EnlightenYourPath.com



Awakenings is Omaha’s newest New Age store, offering a positive energy space and an array of products and tools designed to enhance, empower, and enrich your spiritual journey. Check out our huge variety of products!



Lisa Kuzman Coaching

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Lisa, is a clinical social worker turned Life + Soul Coach. She helps bad ass babes authentically adult. She is on a mission to help women find clarity and direction. She offers individual life coaching, sacred integration healing, group facilitation, corporate wellness, small business consulting, and speaking. 

She will have also her Thank Yo’Self card sets available for purchase at the show. These card sets are a self love tool designed for you to send to yourself so that you get all the recognition and credit you deserve! 

Please stop by her booth to say hi and learn more about what she offers our community! 

Those Blasted Things

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We are a rock and crystal store, have lots of beautiful jewelry and polished, as well as, natural specimens. Stop in for a energy filled experience!

Upper Cervical of Sioux Falls

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Upper Cervical is a form of chiropractic health care that focuses on the top two bones in the neck. The brain stem passes through these bones and is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses from the brain to every part of the body. If a misalignment of the top two bones exists, it can cause a myriad of health concerns. So by specifically looking at this region, I give a personalized gentle adjustment to facilitate the body’s healing process and watch it heal itself from Above-Down Inside-Out.