Speaker and Shine Award Schedule

  • 10:30 am: Cindy Downing, Animal Communicator

  • 11:45 am: Kelli Miller, Psychic/Medium

  • 12:45 pm: SHINE Award! 2018 recipient is Wayne and Mary's Nutrition Center

  • 1:00 pm: Kayla Michaele, Psychic and Chris Herzog, Energy Healer

  • 2:15 pm: Jodie Smith, Astrologer and Crystal Worker

  • 3:30 pm: Angela Pennisi, Professional Medium and Law of Attraction Coach

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Cindy Downing, Animal Communicator

1)  10:30 - 11:15am


Tails From An Animal Communicator
Animal Communicator Cindy Downing will be sharing things animals have communicated to her through her years of being an animal communicator. It may surprise you to hear what animals really think is important and what they really think about their siblings. Cindy communicates with animals who are alive and/or deceased by looking at a picture of the animal. She believes the eyes of the animal are the windows to their soul. Be sure to bring a photo of your furry family member as she will be doing a couple of demos during her presentation. No live animals are allowed at the event center, so photos only please. Cindy’s website is www.whisperinmyear.net

Kelli Miller, Psychic/Medium

2)  11:45am - 12:30pm

Kelli Miller

Psychic/Medium Kelli Miller is a down-to-Earth, hilarious, professional Psychic/Medium, spiritual Life Coach, and transformational speaker. As a psychic, Kelli can provide you with guidance and direction in areas where you feel lost and confused. As a medium, she can receive messages from your deceased loved ones in spirit and your spirit guides. Using her abilities as a psychic and medium, she can connect you with guidance from both energy and spirit to help you heal your life, grief, relationships, career, financial issues, and even your soul!

Kelli and with her fiancé Eric are the creators and owners of Omaha’s newest New Age store, Awakenings. A wide variety of products from the store including crystals, salt lamps, sage products, jewelry, malas, incense, essential oils, and MORE will be available at the fair on Saturday.

To learn more, visit www.psychickelli.com or www.awakeningsstore.com.

Kayla Michaele, Psychic, and Chris Herzog, Energy Healer

3)  1 - 1:45pm


Soul Agreements: Identifying and Healing Karmic Relationships
By understanding what is a Karmic Relationship and what the Soul Agreement may be you can begin to identify the triggers or themes of each. With this knowledge you can learn how to begin to move towards transformation and growth. Expect some “Ah-Ha” moments!

Jodie Smith, Astrologer and Crystal Worker

4)  2:15 - 3pm


Crystals and Astrology: Using crystals to harmonize with planetary energies

We will examine ways that we can use crystals to enhance the positive and remedy negative astrological influences to help make our daily lives easier by keeping ourselves in harmony with the universal energies. Learn about the correspondences between crystals, and astrological archetypes. Discover new ways to use crystals to maintain a positive harmonic flow.

Jodie is the owner of The Ancient Sage, an online spiritual gift shop and supply store. We are here to provide a wide selection of tools including journals, incense, smudges, cards and stones to help each and every one of our customers to raise their vibrations to a place of love and joy.

To learn more, visit www.theancientsage.com

Angela Pennisi, Medium and Law of Attraction Coach

5)  3:30 - 4:15pm


The Art of Joyful Living

Many of us spend our days experiencing anything but joy. Our life is often on “Pause”, always waiting for that one “something” that will then allow us to be truly happy.  Maybe you’ve decided that you’ll be happy ONLY when you find the perfect job, pay off those pesky credit cards, or lose that last ten pounds.  

If that sounds like you, then join me to learn how to take your life off “hold” and be happy NOW! Learn how the law of attraction is at work in your life and just how powerful your thoughts and emotions are in molding your reality. Leave with the tools to help you master the art of joyful living!