Shine Award

Each year this event recognizes a leader in the community who promotes holistic health and well-being while inspiring others. Someone who has been a pioneer and led the way for others to live their truth and shine their light. This award is to honor the lifetime commitment and achievement of individuals in our community who have lit the way for others to follow, creating space for all of us to Shine!


2019 - Nancy Hong, Organic Yoga Company

Nancy Hong, owner of Organic Yoga Company, is our 2019 Shine Award Recipient. Join us at 12:45 p.m. for the SHINE! award presentation.

Yoga first came to Nancy’s life when her mother brought her to a gentle yoga class with teacher, Tam Baker.  A few years later, yoga came fully into Nancy’s life and she started taking yoga classes from Mary DeJong. Soon afterwards Mary suggested that she think about becoming a yoga teacher. Because of Mary’s encouraging nudge, six months later Nancy started a 200-hour yoga-teacher training (TT 200) with Roche Zoet (director of training) and Jill Johnson (lead trainer). Toward the end of that training Nancy began teaching yoga classes in her basement studio to her friends and neighbors, as well as at Avera Fitness Center, and at Dance Gallery. Nancy remembers, “It was a wonderful time for me to grow, explore and experiment with what it meant to be a new yoga teacher.” 

 Yet in the midst of that growth Nancy knew that she wanted to continue her formal yoga training. So, in March 2009, she began the advanced training program at Yoga North, Duluth, MN, with lead trainers Deborah Adele and Ann Maxwell. Through them Nancy was exposed to the ancient Himalayan tradition as well as the modern, kinesiologically-based work of Susi Hately. With a focus on teaching yoga that is “natural & sustainable” Nancy opened Organic Yoga Company (Sioux Falls, SD) in October 2009.

 In 2012 Nancy offered her first TT 200 program. That was also the year that her student, Jackie Wilber, became a graduate of Yoga North, brought back Somatics, and then taught in OYC’s TT 200. Since then Somatics (a sister method to yoga to increase mobility and decrease pain) has become foundational to Nancy’s yoga classes, private sessions and her teacher-training programs. Reflecting on the significance of her relationship with Jackie, Nancy said, “Over the years Jackie has taught not only in my TT programs, she has become my teacher.”

Since that first teacher training, graduates of Nancy’s programs have brought yoga to cities and small towns across the region.  She states, “It makes me smile to think of these lovely students, who are now skilled teachers, teaching in their communities to their neighbors and friends!”

After almost 15 years Nancy continues to teach yoga at her studio but she’s also a life coach in private practice at Radical Self-Love Now, “supporting women in the radical practice of self-love.” Also in her coaching practice Nancy is exploring ways to use body-work with trauma survivors and women in recovery to create an effective method that incorporates body, mind and spirits for integrated healing.

Nancy summed up her work and focus, stating, “I’ve learned that whether I’m teaching or coaching—or just being—self-love is at the heart of it all.”

Learn more about Nancy’s programs at: and

2018 - Wayne & Mary’s Nutrition Store

We’re thrilled to announce Wayne & Mary’s as our 2018 Shine Award Recipient.

2017 - Roscha Zoet

We’re thrilled to announce Roscha Zoet, owner of 4th Avenue Yoga, and a true leader, pioneer and mentor in the yoga/spiritual community as our 2017 Shine Award Recipient.

2016 - Robin L. Jensen

Robin L. Jensen, founder of the South Dakota School of Massage Therapy, and a true pioneer in changing the massage laws within Sioux Falls and the State of SD, is the posthumous 2016 SHINE! Award Recipient.

2015 - Co-op Foods

The Co-op Foods was one of the very first grocery stores in our area to provide all natural, whole food and organic products made from companies and farmers committed to the health and well being of their consumers. Through good times and times of adversity the Co-op continues to shine their light on healthy living.

2014 - Darlene Peterson, The Health Basket

2014 was the first year of our Shine! award. We were honored to present this award to Darlene Peterson, founder of The Health Basket Nutrition Stop in Sioux Falls, SD.